Edenvale Update

Amy Bippus reports from Edenvale South Africa on the multi-club District Grant project to renovate restrooms and provide supplies to a local school:

Hi all! I wanted to give you a short update on the Busy Bee project. I’ll have more when I get back.

It was a resounding success! We had a great time going to the Edenvale Rotary Club meeting on Monday evening, then many of them joined us out at the Busy Bee School the next day. The school put together a nice presentation (I’ll have a video when I get back), we toured the newly renovated facilities, and then we handed out the kits – they were a VERY big hit – especially the Bic pens, the smiley face pencil bag, and the scented markers. I also bought 10 soccer balls for them, so they we excited. Here are some pictures in the meantime.

10497113_10152518617738899_7223957966877701317_o 10497459_10152518618318899_2931153507910750063_o 10359117_10152518618693899_5750017286745422741_o