PDG Herb Trumpoldt Shares Polio Immunization Stories

Past District Governor Herb Trumpoldt (RC Yorba Linda Sunrise) visited Orange Sunrise Rotary on September 7th to share his experience as part of a Rotary National Immunization Day in India this past winter.

With dozens of photos he took during the trip, Herb illustrated the unsanitary conditions of India’s poor, which contributes to the spread of the disease in that country.  He also highlighted the cooperation of dedicated local community leaders, government, United States health organizations and Rotary to distribute thousands of doses of polio vaccine to India’s children.

Polio, practically unknown in the United States since the introduction of a vaccine in the 1950’s, is still endemic in four countries of the world:  Pakistan, Afghanistain, India and Nigeria.

Rotary International has been committed to the eradication of this life threatening, crippling disease since 1985.